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This might look weird but it filters out the ‘non-weird’ people who don’t understand my sense of humour.

Entertainment LONDON — If you’re single and ready to mix up, cracking the ice is essential, if not mildly appalling. Nowadays, a ordinary “come here often?” won’t suffice. And, don’t even think about asking “how r u”. To ensnare the attention of fellow online daters, you’ve gotta be entertaining, engaging and — most importantly — llamativo. Read More »

Online Dating – Yay or Nay, Social Media Matters

Look around at all the couples around you, and think of how many of thesis have met each other via online platforms? The number is undoubtedly enhancing each year. With more of our lives being led ter the online spaces, it is no wonder that romance is also finding fresh ways of manifestation. Bijzonder from Facebook, Twitter, and other popular ... Read More »

Online Dating: Yay or Nay?

Spil you sit on the edge of your seat, waiting and wondering what happens next, I encourage you to unwind, have a glass of wine and love spil the story continues… My ex-husband found his next playmate the positivo way, well (cough, cough) when I say,”real” I imply that he met hier ter a three-dimensional manner, none of this two-dimensional ... Read More »