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Good for you!

I have come to realize that a loterijlot of persons go for looks ter choosing their spouse. Would you live wit someone who you can’t stand hier attitude all te the name of she’s or he’s goodlooking. So I had to write on this topics bearing ter mind the diverse opinion of our readers/viewers.check out my freshly posted hub on ... Read More »

You aren’t talking with this online love when you are being yelled at by your boss for being Ten minutes late, or when you’re dry cleaner is telling you he has no record of your drop-off.

Dear Veronica, I wasgoed involved te an online relationship for Trio months. I swear I never knew anyone spil well spil I knew this man. Wij would spend hours and hours talking every night. I told him things I’ve never told anyone. I believed wij were best friends and I thought wij built this incredible foundation for a relationship. Read More »