Why does everyone want to stay youthfull?

Why does everyone want to stay youthfull?

The aging of a man is a journey wij all want to be spil long spil possible. I have found that my only positivo problem with aging is that this figure wij have eventually wears out like any regularly used device does. The problem with aging is the ache, not the wrinkles. DON

Because when you age, your figure cracks down and you can’t do everything you could merienda.

That’s why you do it when you can, and do other things when you can’t

Life is a journey that many people fear ending. Each year brings us another year closer to death. Spil wij age, wij can’t fear death all that much tho’, because wij have thicker problems. Wij can’t rely on ourselves spil wij merienda did. Our eyes are not spil acute. Our joints are not spil limber. Wij can’t hurt ourselves on purpose and bounce right back, any more.

I don’t find appealing the things you mentioned spil appealing. I understand sacrificing for youth, but my question is why do people go through so much to stay youthfull themselves? Fear of death and fear of aging are finta different things.

The fear of slowing down along with the physical switches to the assets, including sicknesses and diseases may be reasons why people do not look forward to aging. On the roll side, however, with aging comes lots of wisdom and contentment like never before. Aging is a bliss and should be embraced for its gracefulness, wisdom, and beauty!

&quot,I wish I knew then what I know now&quot.

There are also elements to getting older which ongemak people from doing some things they merienda loved. This may involve jogging, hiking, better eye vision, or simply having more energy.

I don’t believe people feel aging is a bad thing spil much spil they dislike (looking) and (feeling) old. Back when I wasgoed growing up people te their 50s weren’t going to the gym. They were counting their years to retirement. Most people thought it wasgoed a forgone conclusion that spil you get older you looked older and (slowed) down.

Today many people overheen 50 are commencing 2nd careers, working out, running marathons, health conscious, active with online dating sites.

Medical breakthroughs along with plastic surgery and better skill concerning health habits have created a fresh senior.

It’s not so much that aging is a bad thing spil much spil it’s an optional thing ter the eyes of many people.

The same holds true for pregnancy thesis days. Lots of women thrust themselves to lose their pregnancy weight and get back to swimsuit form within 12 weeks. Ter the past it wasgoed almost a rule of thumb some weight build up stayed with the woman after each kind. Very few of them bounced back to pre-baby weight.

Aging is not seen spil a bad thing. Ter fact people like to brag about being one age while having the energy and looking like another age!

Aging is not a good thing. It leads to the eventual death wij all face. Ending the time spent with friends and family. Gaining all that wisdom just to diegene. Being youthful usually means being more healthy.

Not everyone can afford plastic surgery or the best advancements. At least 15% of the USA population is below the poverty line. That means less access to decent health care. It also means less capability to even buy elementary things like overheen the toonbank medicines or even wrinkle juice. Then the lower middle class makes up almost a third of the population. Again, thesis people are paying the bills, but spending money is often zonderling.

While some people can successfully love aging, the pictures shown of celebrities aging aren’t realistic of what life is indeed like for the majority of people. I know finta a few women ter their 60’s, pass even more te the grocery stores, they certainly don’t look like models. Looks of course aren’t the only significant things, but I can imagine breast sagging to the belly button could be an punt for individual self esteem.

People go through so much to stay youthful because they value the life or time they have and want to ensure they keep liking the benefits of youth. Having the mental benefits of age mixed with physical youth is an ideal mix for many.

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