Think of the person who want to be.

Why a Fake?

It is a question I am often asked. Why would you everzwijn want a fake account? To be fair, I have four facebook accounts. A existente one, a fake one, the very first fake one’s sister, and a third fake account. The aim of having fake accounts is to make them realistic. Facebook does not like fake accounts and is known for deleting them. If your account even seems fake or if people are posting requests to the facebook office, your account will be deleted. Ter this hub are tips on how to create a good functioning fake account.

Creating A Fake Account

Every account on facebook voorwaarde have a different email. No two accounts are permitted to share one email. So to have a fresh account, you voorwaarde create a fresh email spil well. Attempt to make a yahoo or gmail account. They are effortless to make, only five minutes. Attempt to waterput the fake character’s name into the email address. It seems more businesslike, realistic, and responsible.

For both the email and facebook account, you would have to come up with a name, bday, place of birth, etc. Attempt to choose a unique name that is effortless to recall or a name that means a lotsbestemming to you. Pick a place you would love to visit or you wish you could live te. With the bday, attempt to keep it te the same month of your own bday. This way it is lighter to recall.

The Picture

A major point ter having a productive fake account, is the main picture. Do you want to be appealing to others? Then get a picture that is appealing. Do you want a specific person to talk to you? Find out their type and find a picture like it. You want to get a photo that is effortless to find more of. Do not make the person too plain. The best thing you can do is get numerous photos of the same person. Do not add all of them at merienda. Switch the main photo merienda every four months. This way you can keep it up without searching frantically for a fresh photo for overheen a year.

The Character’s History

When making a fake account, you have to concentrate on creating the person you will be portraying. Are you creating an individual for someone else to like? Are you creating an alter-ego? Think of the person who want to be. Recall tho’, sometimes it is good to be vague. You do not want to make it sound spil if you are too effortless.

  • Job – Pick something you are knowledgeable about. Possibly something you have done before. Know the terminology, functions, and methods. Also concentrate on what shifts you should be working. Do not get online while “at work” or just tell them that you are supposed to be working. It all depends on the personality of your character.
  • Education – Waterput the job that the character is doing te mind. What are the education requirements to be ter their position? What collegium could they have gone to? Where they ter any groups during collegium? Why were they interested te that area of education possibilities?
  • Family – Do they have family or are they having issues with their family? If you want to save some time, voorkeur the person is adopted or is having a fight with the family. If you want the pagina to look fairly realistic, find someone else or just create another fake facebook account. One of the ways I have created my accounts to be realistic are that all of my fake accounts are linked through their history. Two are sisters while the other is a childhood friend.
  • Friends – The best choice is to make another facebook account to be friends with the very first fake account. You can make an interesting past this way and both accounts will have a lifelong friend. If not, your vivo account could be the fake accounts best friend. But if not, your other choice is to make fresh friends online.


Postbode fresh pictures of a purchase, your huis, or your office every merienda te a while. Say every other month. This keeps everything appearing fresh, fresh, and auténtico. Attempt to keep the same style: contemporary, fancy, frills, etc. Consistency ter what you have is the best.

When writing to friends, attempt to have the same sayings. For example, “thanks!”, “my pleasure”, or “anytime”. Again, consistency. You want to seem like the same person each time you get onto the account.

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