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Testimonial – Love bridges more than 5000 miles

This is the testimonial from the user papillone. Our story starts ter December . Wij lived ter different parts of the world, 9000 km bijzonder. I (Papillone) a 52 y.o. Russian woman living te the USA, Daksydog a 66 y.o. man ter France. Wij met on Mix up. I wasgoed hoping to meet a French-speaking fucking partner to improve my French and possible (if fortunate) to find mij a hubby. Daksydog turned out to be an English señor who wasgoed hoping to &hellip,

Mingle2 wasgoed featured te DatingAdvice today

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Do Guys Like to Be Chased?

Strong, certain, independent women want to know: do dudes like to be chased instead of doing the pursuing? The reaction might verrassing you. Gender roles are a lotsbestemming more fluid &hellip,

Can You Text Your Way into a Successful Relationship?

When you rely on texting too much, you could be sabotaging a budding relationship. For Millenials, texting + relationships can be a mixed bag. Millenials (comprised of 18-34-year-olds) have grown &hellip,

The Joys and Pitfalls of Office Romance

There’s a pretty strong probability that you will, at some point, fall ter love with someone you work with. The close proximity, the long hours working spil part of a &hellip,

Ten Online Flirting Tips You Can’t Live Without

Think online flirting is for geeks and creepers? Think again! Without demonstrating a bit of rente te singles you dig, you won’t get anywhere with online dating. Flirting is how &hellip,

Potencial Relationships: When do You Know It’s the Auténtico Thing?

Meeting other singles through online dating sites is a good way to expand your social network and find potential romance. Emailing and IM-ing permit you to get to know each &hellip,

Interracial Dating Do’s and Don’ts

The beautiful thing about the day and age that wij live ter is that interracial dating is more and more the vaandel, leaving just a few backward people remaining that &hellip,

Five Tips for Avoiding a Violated Heart

Dating is sometimes messy and painful. That should never zekering you from putting yourself out there, however, because by totally avoiding the possibility of getting hurt, you also avoid the &hellip,

Are You Telling No to a Possible Match Made te Heaven?

To long-time singletons who are attempting indeed hard not to be single anymore and who are using online dating websites to help match them up with a possible romantic candidate: &hellip,

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