How to Throw a 1950s Theme Party

One of Kitty’s wish jobs is to be a party planner. She finds joy te programma parties for children and adults alike!

The 1950s Rocked.

Ter the 1950s, everyone seemed glad. Parties were thrown for almost any reason, including when there were fresh Tupperware products! So why not throw a 1950s theme party for yourself or a loved one? Use the 1950s theme for a bday party, anniversary party, graduation party, Halloween party, retirement party, or just for the heck of it.

A 1950s theme party can be spil eccentric or spil tame spil you want it to be. Let your retro creativity flare and get the party began!

Proceed reading to learn some hip tips on 1950s theme party decorations, costumes, food, and more.

1950s Theme Party Decorations

There are a duo of different 50s party themes you could choose from, or you might choose to mix thesis themes for your rockin’ 50s party.

Go with a fully rock n’ roll theme. Think Elvis Presley, sock hop, rockabilly, and a ton of records! Drape record decorations all overheen the place. Make the floors checker-board with a slagroom roll or carpet, waterput up posters or pictures of Elvis ter the 50s and other rock starlets. Guitars are volmaakt for the 1950s rock theme, so suspend guitar decorations everywhere, and use them spil centerpieces on the tables. Do not leave behind the jukebox. Whether you waterput up a fake jukebox or rent a vivo one, this is essential to indeed set the mood of a 1950s rock n’ roll party.

Another 1950s theme party idea is to make the party look like a sodawater shop. How much joy would that be? Serve all drinks ter the vintage-style spuitwater shop cups (like the ones pictured below), serve all spuitwater and ice cream-themed foods and beverages. Cherries and candy dГ©cor can be used te your decorating, which are fairly effortless to come by. Suspend 50s spuitwater shop signs at the entrance of the party, spil well spil te and around the party area. You can print thesis out from the internet on glossy photo paper, if all else fails. Grab a 50s sodawater shop slagroom roll to make the entire party area look spil tho’ you are all sitting ter an authentic 1950s spuitwater shop. Neon lights are also joy to use at a sodawater shop party and can be found online and ordered.

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