From the Arapaho, Cherokee, Nez-Perces, Pawnee and Zuni of North America (to name only a few), to the Aztec, Mayan and Toltec of Central America to the Druids, Finns, Greeks, Romans, Slavs and Afghans ter Europe, thesis stories, myths and legends all tell of a time of superb geological upheaval.


Cremo & Thompson

Archeological Disinformation

Toughly 11,500 years ago or 9,577 B.C., a Cataclysmic Event of mundial proportions decimated known human civilization at that time. This event, regardless of its cause has bot kept te the vocal histories of scores of races since that time. From the Arapaho, Cherokee, Nez-Perces, Pawnee and Zuni of North America (to name only a few), to the Aztec, Mayan and Toltec of Central America to the Druids, Finns, Greeks, Romans, Slavs and Afghans ter Europe, thesis stories, myths and legends all tell of a time of superb geological upheaval. This article,The Disinformation of Archeology, will slightly scrape the surface of this information but should permit even the media reader to start their own discoveries.

Every single wedren on every continent, country and island on this planet all share the same hablado histories of a general cataclysmic event, involving fire and ice raining from the skies followed by a good watery deluge that switched the face of our planet ter their ancient past.

Since that time our mainstream media, education system and many Governments world broad have cautiously suppressed, ridiculed and even censored this information from the public archives. This has bot done to prevent modern man from recognizing the achievements, technological sophistication and advanced spiritual practices of our ancient ancestors.

Scientific theories, hypothesis and concepts of how our ancient ancestors evolved and lived te the past, have bot introduced into our education system spil a way to instill disinformation into generation after generation. Thesis ideas, coupled with other concepts that support them, have lead the public away from the truth of our ancient ancestors to prevent the public from recognizing our true potential and role spil Universal Citizens.

Many people cannot truly capture how vast this conspiracy of the censorship of skill is and are unwilling to research and explore the many different disciplines that are involved. The Powers That Be know that if they keep the public so busy earning a living and simply surviving and entertained when they are not, that a large majority of them will simply not take the time to research, read and explore thesis falsehoods that make up their common collective false-paradigm.

The motives behind this vast conspiracy of censorship is quiebro plain, Skill Is Power and those that don’t have access to the truth or are unwilling to look for it are lightly manipulated. By manipulating the public’s world paradigm you basically enslave them ter their own self imposed ignorance. I say ‘self imposed’ because the information is available to any that search for it and this is done because then when the truth does come out and eventually it will, those ter Power can simply point to the existing documentation and say “Wij provided the truth to you, it isn’t our fault you didn’t read it.”

Giant Skeletons

Censorship of Archeological Discoveries.

Virginia Steen-McIntyre is a flawless example of how censorship and disinformation is used te archeology to suppress and confuse the public when it comes to the ‘his-story’ of the origins of mankind on this planet.

Our current education system provides us with the theory that mankind did not inhabit North America until about 35,000 years ago. The theory widely accepted by mainstream education and the public is that tribes from Europe and Russia crossed a ‘land bridge’ from Siberia to present day Alaska. Thesis tribes leisurely, overheen time, migrated through North America, Central America and into South America.

However Steen-McIntyre, while working for the U.S.G.S. (United States Geological Survey) discovered sophisticated stone implements and buildings, while excavating a webpagina near Hueyatlaco, Mexico ter the 1960s that predated this information by overheen 250,000 years. The archeologists used four separate dating methods to determine the age of thesis instruments and artifacts, all of which are widely accepted accurate methods of dating ancient artifacts.

Of course this information threw a monkey wrench into the accepted theory of human evolution, spil contraptions of this sophistication were not thought to have bot made by humans until about 100,000 years ago by primitive tribes te Africa, certainly not ter America.

She wrote a paper describing hier amazing findings, which wasgoed instantaneously censored from mainstream society. Ter fact it has never bot published or accredited, hier reputation wasgoed tarnished and hier peers refused to even talk to hier. To this day hier extensive research has never bot accepted and hier career effectively ended when she attempted unsuccessfully to publish hier findings. This is just one example among hundreds te which The Disinformation of Archeology has suppressed discoveries that would affectively alter our ideas of the ancient past.

Since the early 20th Century, many archeological finds of excellent importance have bot systematically suppressed from mainstream education. Te 1913 German scientist Hans Reck found at the Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, an anatomically accomplish modern human skeleton ter strata overheen one million years old. Te 1979, researchers at the Laetoli, Tanzania, webpagina te East Africa found modern human footprints te volcanic ash dated at Trio.6 million years old.

I point out thesis finds because they are contrary to the modern scientific principles instructed te our education system today and expose that there has bot, what Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson call te their book Barred Archeology a ‘skill filterzakje’ waterput ter place by a powerful group of modern scientist to prevent any information that does not overeenkomstig to the prevailing theories of our times from reaching the public.

Another example of archeological disinformation has bot carried out by the Smithsonian Institute through the censorship of bones of antiquity found via central North America te the early 1800s, while the United States wasgoed being built.

Hundreds of articles te recinto newspapers, accounts by ordinary citizens and some early archeologists have shown that while bridges, roads and towns were being built across America, ancient burial sites were discovered of unusual sophistication. Thesis burial sites included metal artifacts such spil swords, shields, knives, jewelry and contraptions. However the most amazing discoveries weren’t the artifacts but the skeletons themselves.

Thesis skeletons were shown to be of unusual size, many anywhere from 8 to 15 feet te length and adorned ter clothing that proved a technological sophistication unheard of by ancient man. The extreme sophistication of the jewelry and weapons thesis skeletons had on or near them when found demonstrated that this wedstrijd of ‘giants’ had a excellent overeenkomst of skill ter metallurgy.

The book The Ancient GIANTS Who Ruled America, The Missing Skeletons and the Superb Smithsonian Cover-Up by Richard J. Dewhurst goes into fine lengths detailing this conspiracy of muffle and censorship.

The Smithsonian Institute wasgoed given accomplish control of thesis hundreds of sites reported by circunscrito citizens via America. They would come ter, take overheen the excavation of the webpagina and eliminate all the artifacts and bones, often assuring the locals that they would be displayed at a straks date te the museum ter Washington D.C., never to be seen or heard from again.

When I learned of thesis sites through my research, I wasgoed a member of the Smithsonian Institute and wrote them many letters asking why thesis remains have never bot shown publicly, I never received a response and subsequently cancelled my membership.

One of, if not the most significant blatant censorship of information, is the good antiquity of the Giza Necropolis. My research has lead mij to conclude that many discoveries are not being collective with the public concerning not just how old thesis pyramids are but what lies underneath them. I would submit that thesis pyramids are closer to 30 to 35 thousand years old and predated the Superb Flood by spil much spil 20,000 years.

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