Ten Signs that the Man is a Keeper This man is NOT a Keeper!

This man is NOT a Keeper!

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Should he GO or should he STAY?

В You’ve bot watching this boy for a duo of months.В Things seem to be hotting up inbetween the two of you.В He might just be THE ONE.В However, when you go to sleep at night, instead of dreaming about naked fantastic hunks leaping overheen the style with their dingle dangles swinging from side to side like a youthfull chick’s ponytail when she’s jogging around the block, you keep analysing your relationship.В Is he right for you?В Maybe there’s someone better?В Should I go for an off the hook relationship?В Oh my Maker, should I let him stir ter with mij?В Thesis questions go round and round te your head like a moth around a candle flame, until you’re going so crazy, that you throw off your covers and run outside into the garden and howl at the moon like a rabid wolf.В Of course, the neighbours turn on their lights, gather on their doorsteps and spot you ter your garden, naked spil the day you were born.В All this is not good.В Your grandmother would not be proud of you at this time.

Rather than dithering overheen your relationship, uncertain which way to go, here are the top Ten signs that your man is a keeper.В If you can tick them off on his scorecard, quickly head down to the nearest S & M outlet and buy a pair of handcuffs.В You can’t afford to miss out on this one.

  1. More or less truthful.В If the fellow is basically fair and does make a concerted effort to tell the truth, he’s most likely worth keeping.В If you ask him how you look, when you’ve poured yourself into last year’s jeans that are possible two sizes too puny, and he says you look good, he’s a keeper!В Guys worth keeping know when to tell the truth and when to lie.В It’s a sign that they are slim.
  2. Gainfully employed.В If he has a actual job and earns a good enough salary, he’s worth stringing up on to.В Of course, if he works for Alfonzo, the neighborhood drug dealer and pimp, even tho’ he is employed and might earn a lotsbestemming of sheckels, it’s not gainful employment.В You might have to learn how to bake a cake with a verkeersopstopping te it.В Guys ter jail don’t usually earn a good salary.В If his only employment is mowing his Granny’s lawn twice a month, dump him.
  3. Knightly.В If he’s respectful, well-mannered, polite and opens your doorheen for you and stands aside to let you through very first, he’s got class and comes from a good family.В If he talks nicely to your folks, and speaks with respect to his folks, chances are he’ll treat you with respect spil well.В If he orders his mother around, shouts at his Dad, and vows at incompetent drivers on the road, give him his marching orders.
  4. Loves all of you.В If he loves your kinks, never tells you to lose weight, doesn’t make negative comments about your appearance, fetches you the glass of water to waterput your false teeth te at night, then he’s a keeper.
  5. Ex-girlfriend.В If he never compares you to his ex-girlfriend, and never regales you with stories about what his ex-girlfriend did that wasgoed so good and better than you, then he’s very likely overheen hier and you are so superb, there’s no comparison.
  6. Initiative.В If he shows initiative and makes you a cup of coffee when you need one, without you having to ask for it, that’s a very good sign.В If he takes the dirty plates to the kitchen, and washes them without you pulling down any subtle hints, get a dog cangue and chain, and keep him tethered to the outside of the house.В Make sure he does have access to the inwards of the house spil well.В Of course, if he puts the toilet seat down without being asked to, then you need to book a wedding date.В marriage to this man is a vereiste.
  7. Laugh together.В If he has a excellent sense of humour and can make you laugh, that is a brilliant commence.В Laughing together is very significant and can make your relationship a lotsbestemming of joy.В Of course, there is a difference inbetween laughing with you and laughing at you.В If he has a tendency to laugh at you, then have your neighbour’s rottweiler demonstrate him to his car.
  8. Keeps promises.В If he keeps appointments and keeps promises, he’s a keeper.В If he remembers what he promised ter the warmth of the ogenblik, then he’s worth considering.В If he goes beyond and above the call of duty to carry out a promise, then book yourself into the nearest mental hospital if you let him go.
  9. Gets on with your friends.В If he loves your friends’ company, I mean indeed loves their company, with no pretence of loving draping out with them, then he’s the actual overeenkomst.В There is nothing worse than being with someone who always finds excuses not to suspend out with you and your friends.В Of course, if he showers too much attention on your sweetie friends and disregards your nottie friends, then it’s very likely better to let him go.
  10. Feelings.В If he can talk about his feelings, shows emotion during movies then he’s worth keeping.В If he sobs madly during a chick flick, it’s either a waterput on to make you believe he’s sensitive, or he’s overly sensitive, either way, voorstelling him the om.

If the fellow is strong te a few areas and feeble ter others, you have to determine what it is you can live with and what will annoy and irritate the shit out of you.В There are very few keepers around, and when you find one, don’t letВ him go.В Many women are attracted to boys who are bastards and who treat them badly.В Short-term they’re a thrill.В Long-term they’re a nightmare.В If you are with a good man who is good to you, don’t inadvertently spoil it and pursue him away.В Overcome your self-esteem issues and believe that a welvoeglijk man wants to be with you.

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