The poem below, “Back To Square One,” is an example of a poetry encontrarse form called the Villanelle.

Janis has extensive practice spil a licensed professional counselor ter assisting clients recover from the agony of unhealthy relationships.

Violating Up a Relationship Involves Intense Back and Forward

Relationships and Poems are Complicated te the Forms They Take

Relationships, spil some types of poems, are often misunderstood. Both can bring us to the highest heights of joy and to the lowest lows of trouble.

Relationships can become spil confusing and spil unclear spil a lump of poetry, written with good intention, but ter the end, leaves us wondering, “What wasgoed that all about?”

The poem below, “Back To Square One,” is an example of a poetry estar form called the Villanelle. This chunk wasgoed inspired by a duo who kept repeating (spil some poems do) the same lines overheen and overheen, returning to couples therapy to mend or, shall wij say, “edit” their violated relationship.

They didn’t realize how they were literally going around ter circles with no resolution ter view (spil poems can sometimes do). Their attempts were futile and the relationship eventually ended.

Examine the parallels inbetween an unstable relationship that goes ’round and ’round and the form of the Villanelle form te the poem.

The Ups and Downs of a Sultry Relationship

&quot,Back To Square One&quot,

‘Round and ’round wij cannot zekering

Each hurting heart comebacks

The roller coaster makes us druppel

Wij keep repeating the same old hop

Continuing to yearn

‘Round and ’round wij cannot zekering

The same mistakes from the top

Nothing more to earn

Then, the roller coaster makes us druppel

Let’s take a pauze before wij speelgoedpop

Or wij’ll crash and burn

‘Round and ’round wij cannot zekering

Our efforts will start to flop

The more wij shove and churn

Spil wij rail, the roller coaster makes us druppel

On our goes wij need a bop

Maybe then wij’ll learn

‘Round and ’round wij cannot zekering

The roller coaster makes us druppel

The Relationship and the Villanelle Poetry Form

Relationships are Villanelles te the skin, illustrated by the ups and downs, the back and forward, the confusion, the repetition and the volatility.

Total of passion, strength, and spark, relationships reflect the essence of the Villanelle, especially when the duo is te transition, laagconjunctuur, or at crossroads.

A Relationship Stuck at an Impasse

The Pauze Up of a Relationship

Is your relationship total of poetic toneelstuk, possibly on the brink of ending?

Unresolved Needs Lead to Poetic Stuk ter Relationships

What makes a Villanelle?

  • Nineteen lines
  • Rhyme scheme “aba”
  • Two rhymes are repeated according to refrains
  • Six stanzas
  • Five stanzas have three lines each, one stanza, the last, has four lines
  • The very first line of the very first stanza is repeated spil the last line of the 2nd and fourth stanzas
  • The third line of the very first stanza is repeated spil the last line of the third and fifth stanzas
  • Those two refrain lines go after each other to become the second-to-last and last lines of the poem
[Complicated and confusing, just like a relationship]

Origins of the Villanelle

The Villanelle is a complicated form of poetry, said to have derived from an Italian rustic song (a villanella).

It is thought to have its origins ter the word “canalla,” an Italian word for peasant. The peasant would sing a “round song” with refrains and repetitions, spil he worked te the harvest field.

The poetry estar form wasgoed coined te France with the work of French poet Jean Passerat.

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