The Masculine Principle: Online Dating

The Masculine Principle: Online Dating

Women on Online Personals Ads are Just Wasting Your Time

Almost all of the women on online personals are only there to waste your time and they have no intention of meeting anyone. If a woman isn’t interested ter meeting you for coffee, sooner, rather than straks, it means one of two things: She is either only interested te wasting guys’s time and not going to be meeting anyone, no matter what…..or, she has determined that you aren’t worth meeting, albeit she will joyfully string you along. Ter neither of thesis cases should you waste more than a smidgen of your valuable time. Online dating is a good overeenkomst for women but a lousy overeenkomst for studs because of the ordinary fact that most studs doing it are serious and most women doing it are not. The aim here should be to quickly screen out the potentials from everyone else, not to waste hours and hours with women who have no intention of doing anything everzwijn with you or anyone else. The potentials want to write a few emails back and forward and then meet you….not on a date, but te a casual, relaxed atmosphere they can leave lightly. And most of those will never see you again after that. You’ll have to treatment a hell of alot of women to get one bite. Either that or find a way to get the high probability women to response your own ad. That’s harsh to do because most of the idiot fellows email every woman on the system, packing hier mailbox with a hundred emails a day (mostly losers).

Identifying Women Who Are Wasting Your Time

There’s No Point ter Approaching A Woman Who Doesn’t Look at You and Go “Yum!”

There is absolutely no point ter approaching any woman who doesn’t look at you physically and go…yum. So, your picture should be upfront, most likely several, showcasing you ter excellent detail, spil a screening device to get rid of women you have no chance with. Even that isn’t good enough because the picture is a poor representation of you te person and can’t convey figure language, speech, smell, mannerisms, whatever (one of the reasons I think online personals are a waste of time). Somewhere inbetween 1 and 10% of women will look at you and go yum. However, very few of them will be open to you for one reason or another, mostly for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with you.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to learn ways to know which women are looking at you and going yum, concentrate exclusively on those women, with the main aim of finding out if they are presently restricting themselves or not. THAT behavior is the one that pays dividends with women. That and learning how to entice women. Attempting to treatment and persuade women to like you is Downright ineffective, except for the uncommon case where a fellow gets a live one, by zuivere luck.

Online Dating is a Scam

How much more evidence do you need to gather before you realize that the women on dating services are doing something other than looking for a man. What sort of behavior would you expect from women who were using the service to actually find a man? They would have pictures taken specifically to demonstrate them ter the best possible light (cheap and effortless to do te most places). They would write a well thought out, articulate profile, mind their P’s and Q’s, and attempt to both present themselves and what they want te such a way that they find someone who is a good match. They would, ummmm, actually look at boys’s profiles and email guys they were interested te. And they would spend a significant amount of time talking via IM, leaving it open only during times they have specifically waterput aside for this purpose. They would be polite, and interested te getting to know people to see if they were a good match and if it would be fruitful to meet with them te person.

I keep telling it, but nobody truly believes mij (until they practice it for themselves). Women disregard objective signs of worth and status and instead make decisions on attraction mostly at random. Signs of worth. tall, looks, money, muscles, status, don’t switch greatly who is attracted to you. I’m undecided if fame actually does make more women attracted or if it simply makes the women who like you anyway, hunt you down te an obsessive way. What it does affect is their aggressiveness. Don’t build muscles and a hot assets ter the gym (ditto for making specie, wearing cool clothes etc.) thinking it will get you a certain type of woman (or worse, a specific female) because it won’t (much to my dismay). You do it because it affects your own confidence and it makes the women (the same precies women who were already attracted to you), more attracted. More of them expose themselves to you, and they make it lighter for you to get them.

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