Online Dating: Yay or Nay?

Spil you sit on the edge of your seat, waiting and wondering what happens next, I encourage you to unwind, have a glass of wine and love spil the story continues…

My ex-husband found his next playmate the positivo way, well (cough, cough) when I say,”real” I imply that he met hier ter a three-dimensional manner, none of this two-dimensional stuff. I, however, explored online dating, a two dimensional practice, at very first.

With online dating, I got a bio of the person, statistics involving height, weight, location and pictures: lots of pictures. At times it felt a bit voyeuristic and awkward. I don’t like online shopping, either.

My secret search always happened after my kids went to bedding. I cannot express how awkward it wasgoed for mij to be a part of online dating. I’m not looking for a spouse. I’m not ready to commit. I’d already spent half my life being married. This wasgoed my time to take chances. This wasgoed my 2nd chance at life and love.

Online Dating – yay

Online dating: Two-Thumbs-Up

At the same time, it wasgoed my very first attempt and I talent it two-thumbs-up, a “Yay” because this is where I met Vermont. But also where I met so many Mikes, Steves and Toms that it became difficult to keep track of who wasgoed who, so I commenced referring to the guys by geographical location. This permitted my friends to keep track of my fresh online collection. And thus a little black book of guys, defined by geographical location, wasgoed created.

Back to Vermont…

Vermont wasgoed a runner, YES. Did I mention I am an avid runner, triathlete, marathoner? Fitness is a very significant part of my life and Vermont wasgoed an advanced fitness specialist who helped people make fitness part of their lifestyle. He has trained everyone from athletes of Olympic caliber to the promedio person looking to lose weight or just add exercise to their life. YES. This isn’t going to be so difficult after all.

Let’s look at the Yays:

He’s my age: check!

He doesn’t have children: check!

Which means no families to merge together: dual check!

And wij have similar interests: verzekeringspremie check!!

How can it not be a match? On paper, it wasgoed volmaakt. (Are you beginning to realize I’ve got a lotsbestemming to learn??)

Wij connected a few times via email. Then wij moved to schrijven phone calls. I knew, te a two-minute phone call, one Saturday, that he wasn’t for mij. It wasgoed the most painful conversation I’ve everzwijn had with anyone! For those who know mij well, know that this is somewhat of an oxymoron. I can talk to a rock for a day and be glad!!

And I thought, “This is ridiculous!”.

I said goodbye and spoke to the air. “He’s not the one.”

The air listened.

Online Dating – biting the bullet

Online Dating: Two-Thumbs-Down

I talent up after that phone call. I wasgoed reluctant to inject the world of online dating anyway. I felt odd online. I wasgoed embarrassed to be there because I thought people would think I wasgoed desperate. Maybe I thought so too. It wasn’t for mij and spil quickly spil it commenced, it ended. My practice had lasted two weeks. And quickly, I talent online dating two-thumbs-down, dual “Nay”.

“Oh well”, I thought. “I talent it a attempt didn’t I?”

No one can say I didn’t give it a chance. I met someone and it wasn’t a match. I wasgoed done. End of story.

Online Dating Failure – Now What?

So I closed that book.

I focused on the marathon I wasgoed training for. Then I took off on a cruise to Mexico with 16 of my co-workers. I went away with thesis women to laugh until my belly muscles ached and to get some respite from things at huis. Wij had a blast on the ship!

And while on the deck by the pool, I also found myself chumming around with a gay man and his fucking partner, both were triathletes and just lovely, sexy, zuigeling guys. I will say that there’s nothing like being around gay dudes. There are no preconceived notions, no one to impress, I could just be myself, faults and all.

Then early one morning, I met a man while running on the track and, for the very first time te well overheen a year, I laid eyes on a man who made my tummy roll. Now that wasgoed an unacquainted but pleasant sensation!

Here’s my ass-plug for all of you recently divorced gals: Go on Vacation.

Just go!! And if you meet a gay man or two along the way, love the convenience of just being you.

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