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Dating tips are essential if you’ve bot out of activity for awhile. OK, very first dates are harsh enough. Just ask anyone who’s single and dating. For women especially, wij are already feeling overheen the top with anxiety about what this boy will indeed be like te person, whether he’s spil adorable spil his pic and also if he’ll like us.

Wij’re not volmaakt either but here are some of the things that will drive us batty. Some of thesis apply to the ladies spil well but wij’re talking to the the guys here. Here are the top fifteen, very first date blunders, that will knock you out of the running with hier.

Dating Tips/Advice

Dressing like a slob. Guys, depending on where the date is, you, should be dressed accordingly. A clean pair of jeans and a nice tee is all it takes for a date at a prompt food restaurant. Something a loterijlot classier, calls for a good pair of jeans with a button down T-shirt or sexy muscles T-shirt if you can pull it off and a fly pair of boots. You’ll have hier drooling at your good taste.

Bad breath/bod odour/yellow teeth. This can’t be stressed enough. No one wants to stick around with a gent that reeks because he left behind to use his deodorant or didn’t shower. Yuck! Nothing sends us running swifter than a date that has bad breath or yellow teeth. So, shower and brush your teeth before the date. Oh yeah, don’t overdo the cologne either. Less is more.

  • Chain smoker. You’re a smoker but excusing yourself to smoke every fifteen minutes signals major addiction. Unless you want the date to be overheen before it’s even begun, then figure out how to treat this kwestie.
  • Bad table manners. Acting like a pig and stuffing your mouth is a definite turn off. So is talking with your mouth total or chewing with your mouth open, burping loudly, farting, picking your teeth, and deep-throating your nose at the table.
  • Poor English. English might not be your native tongue but if she can’t understand a word you’re telling because it seem like you’re speaking a entire other language, honey, you’ve got a problem.
  • He talks about himself the entire night. Guys, a conversation is a two way street. Ladies, if he spends the night talking about himself with you incapable to get a word te, then let it be a lesson. Get rid of him quickly. Who wants to be out with a boy who’s not interested ter what you have to say. He can love going out with himself then.
  • Boring person/conversation. Just like above he’s turned you off with his boring conversation or he’s just a bore. The night will be a brief one because you’re just programma your escape.
  • Ungentlemanly conduct. Let’s face it, wij want guys who will perform the niceties such spil opening doors, pulling out our chair and seating us, asking our opinion and providing up his decorate if wij’re cold. Chivalry is not dead.
  • Rudeness. You’re on a date so your cell phone should be turned off or set to stimulate. If you are spending time talking on the phone, texting or checking your phone every few minutes then you shouldn’t be on this date. Spel overheen.
  • Cheap date. Guys this is a very first date don’t be a cheapskate pay the bill. Unless she’s going for broke, you agreed to go on this date so pay the bill.
  • Dishonest/display off. He starts to tell you about how many houses he has and the many cars that are ter his garage, yet he doesn’t want to pay the tabulator. Light bulb ogenblik here. He’s a bald face embarullar. Avoid him like the plague. If he has the houses etc then he’s a display off and attempting too hard to impress you.
  • Getting fresh with you. Guys, wij know you want it. She does too, very likely, (know I’m not supposed to say that) but what’s the rush. Ladies, if he starts talking about his favourite sexual position and what he wants to do to you, witness out. Oh boy, major pervert. Call your friend and arrange an sos.
  • Lateness. Studs, be there ahead so that you can appreciate what she looks like. Tell hier that she looks good too. He should have a good explanation for his lateness, like an accident on the 401 and it wasgoed closed for the night or he had to zekering to get you a bounty. Otherwise, it’s not a good beginning.
  • Drunkenness. If he vertoning up inebriated or if during the date he’s had too much to drink then it’s time to go. This is so not cool. Excuse yourself and make your escape. Get out!!
  • Pushy. If he attempts to grope or French smooch you at the end of the date, that’s definite grounds for dismissal. Guys, a light smooch on the cheek or a hug is slew spil goodnight on a very first date. Unless she wasgoed providing you majors signals during the date that she wants you, you need to step back. You’re scaring hier off.

If you can go after most of the dating tips on the list then you’ll likely get a 2nd date with hier. Now each woman has hier own list of things that she’s looking for but many of them are here. If you indeed want a 2nd date because she make your heart and other parts sing then let hier know too(yipes, not about the other parts ok).

Don’t say you’ll call and then she never hears from you. Your word should mean something. Be fair and go after through.

What is an suitable thank you for a very first date?


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Excellent information and advice that applies to all. Thanks ChrisEddy.

callmefoxxy, my schrijfstift is a mighty sword!

7 years ago from fresh york

Hi Chris! Unluckily I had a lotsbestemming of awful very first dates. It a curse I tell you! Way do all the narcissistic guys like mij so much?

8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Hi Andy. Glad you came to share more thoughts with mij. Thanks.

Hi Chris, Thanks for taking the time to read my hub and your positive comments. Blessed you like the title LoveMeMarryMe, pass it around spil much spil you like.

8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

@lovememarryme, Hi Andy. Thanks for reading, commenting and following mij too. Congrats on meeting that special someone.

I think that the netwerk is a good embarking place for meeting people. I read your hub and thank you for those tips. One can’t be too careful.

Hey, I might take you up on that title lol. Thanks.

Very nicely written and introduced hub. Hopefully I don’t, or should I say didn’t pauze any of your rules spil I have now found my volmaakt fucking partner, yes wij did have a 2nd & third & fourth etc date. Wij actually met on the nipt, that rhymes doesn’t it, so much of our initial ice violating wasgoed done via email and yahoo and our initial date wasgoed meeting at an airport ter China then a nice meal at a hotel.

I have also written a hub about dating which you maybe interested te reading. Have also become a follower (maybe you go after mij too) hoping to read some more clear articles. Have you written one yet about 15 things to keep your lady blessed, long term? maybe I need to learn.

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