Don’t be a needy insecure man.

Don’t be a needy insecure man.

The single most attractive quality a man has ter the eyes

of a woman, is SECURITY.

A secure man is not only attractive, but he’s also interesting,

women feel drawn to him, want to get to know him better,

want to spend the surplus of their lives with him, don’t want to

everzwijn be chic from him.

If you’re going to work on ONE thing very first, should be SECURITY.

I bet there’s someone ter your work that just projects self

security, there’s always someone like that where wij work.

Think how you feel when you’re near that person, you feel

secure around him, you feel like he’s got your back right?,

like somehow you can TRUST that person with anything.

Well, it’s the same thing women feel around a secure dude.

Most relationship problems come from INSECURITY, either

the woman being insecure, or the man, sometimes both.

The overeenkomst is, it’s not same when a woman is acting insecure,

than when a man is acting insecure.

An insecure man is almost repulsive!.

Have you listened to a duo of women talking about a

stud who’s conveying insecurity?

It goes a little something like this:

Lani: “It’s just so. ugh!. He starts acting so needy,

always asking mij how I feel, what do I want, it’s so annoying!”.

Ruth: “I know, I had a bf like that merienda and it

wasgoed draining. I didn’t trust him”.

I’m NOT JOKING, I’ve heard this with my own ears Uncountable

times!, I even had the unpleasant verrassing of catching one of

my former girlfriends telling something to that extend to one

of hier friends merienda, and I wasgoed so naГЇve and so ignorant about

all this, that I didn’t do anything to zekering behaving like that,

instead I reminisce I clung even MORE!, what a DUMB-ASS!

So, wij need to zekering being insecure. If you’re reading this,

you’re certainly on the right track, you’ve chosen to look

for help, and you’re going to get the best help there is, trust

mij, but I need you to work hard with mij here and every time

you catch yourself being overly needy, clingy, asking hier too

much for what she wants, what she needs, putting yourself

down for hier and disrespecting your time for hier, back out

and notice what you’re doing.

Telling things like, “baby, you’re right, it’s MY fault, how can

I make it better?” or even worst “I don’t know what to do,

please TELL Mij what to do!”, every time you catch yourself

telling one of those things or doing any of those things, PULL

BACK and REPEAT ter your mind whatever you just said.

It will help you reframe and realize what just happened.

So reminisce, PULL BACK and REPEAT.

Recall that a secure man is strong and te control of his

emotions and deeds. Women don’t want to tell you what to

do, they want you to KNOW what to do, they EXPECT you to

know what to do.

A actual secure man doesn’t need approval from anyone, he

does spil he think he should without minding what others think

and want. He takes other into consideration obviously, specially

his woman, but he’s hard te his deeds without being domineering.

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