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Dr.Dan Amzallag, PhD resides te the United States of America. Before coming to the US, he lived ter Canada, where he finished his Bachelor’s degree te Business, with a concentration te Finance. During his Bachelor degree, he worked spil a health consultant and private trainer for an international organization suggesting health services to their customers. He obtained his private training certifications from the Weider Institute of Health, and the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). He has 12 years of practice ter the field of kinesiology, resistance, cardiovascular training and extensive skill of nutrition. He has authored three books entitled: The American Fantasy: How to buy or embark a business using none of your own specie Mission Possible: East more to lose more: How to combat the obesity epidemic ter America and Gloateus Maximus: Behind the scenes of Private Trainers. His forward book has bot published ter January of 2014 entitled: &quot,100 days or less to reaching your ultimate happiness. Secrets of the Universe exposed.

Dr.Dan Amzallag also invented a fresh fitness device called the PUSH-UP-Press and his patent has bot approved. He is working on getting this fitness device te all homes, offices, schoolgebouw and government.

Dr. Amzallag manages many websites with concentrate on health, business and coaching. He appeared on Bloomberg business radiodifusión and several other business and health radiodifusión shows across America.

Spil of December 2014, Dr. Dan Amzallag has obtained his Doctorate of Philosophy degree te Organizational leadership and communication from the Institute of Metaphysical and Humanistic sciences ter Sarasota, Fl.

Message From the Universe: Life’s Possible Outcomes

“Shall I remind you that the reason you care so much, sometimes even worry so much, is because there still exists inbetween you and life, a sultry love affair. And because of this, everything’s going to be just fine.

Message From the Universe: Go after Your Heart

It’s got nothing to do with being a ideal, goody-goody, selfless, sacrificing, spiritual saint. Blah! That entire characterization wasgoed meant for a different audience at a different time, and they truly had issues.

Message of the Universe: Your Individual Journey ter Life

“Now let mij get this straight: You want things that you don’t yet have, people ter your life who you don’t yet know, and events to take place that toevluchthaven’t yet occurred, so that merienda thesis “things” come to pass, you’ll feel blessed, certain, and fulfilled, accomplished, desired, and appreciated, treasured, adored, and like a-beautiful-sight-to-see?

Message From the Universe: Do You Have What It Takes?

No matter what you want, you have what it takes. Not to mention mij, The Universe.”

Message From the Universe: Plainness of Life

“Fact of the matter is everything is a non-issue, until someone determines otherwise. Which means you can now officially chill. Blue, The Universe.”

Message From the Universe: Keeping te the Negativity

“Have you noticed that sadness ter your life has never, everzwijn, not even merienda, lasted? It’s unlikely. Whoohoooooo! The Universe.”

Message From the Universe: Go Until the End

“Any attempt to measure one’s progress te life by assessing their present physical surroundings, including a panoramic glance of their past, is gravely shortsighted. The reason being is that each journey, kleintje of like a haircut, should never be fully appraised until it’s finish. Otherwise, one could mistake a miracle-in-the-making for a setback, loss, or the “wet-look.”

Message From the Universe: Adventuring Into the Unknown

“Without challenge, venture is unlikely. Shorty, The Universe.”

Message From the Universe: When Bad Things Happens to Good People

“When “bad” things toebijten to “good” people, it’s often because they want to become even better teachers, guides, and helpers to those precious souls who will one day need them to be their rock. Plus, today’s bad is always tomorrow’s sperzieboon, no matter who you are, no matter what has happened, and no matter how feeble the coffee wasgoed.

Message From the Universe: The Power of Make Believe

“I do believe that if people would just begin by telling “it’s joy,” when it seems hard, “I’m glad,” when they seem sad, and “I know,” when it seems they don’t. they’d ultimately detect that it indeed is, they truly are, and they always have.

Message From the Universe: The Magic of Feeling Excellent

“Last night, I wasgoed dreaming of you, again. You were radiant, certain, and light beamed ter every direction from the core of your being. Music followed you, angels serenaded you, and everyone wasgoed elevated by your presence. Wisdom shown from your eyes. Graciousness emanated from your touch. And your power wasgoed simply awesome.

Message From the Universe: Being Your Discreet Servant

“When it comes to setting aside a little time each day to visualize, look at it like this: No matter how dispersed you become or how confused you are about the process, the ordinary fact that you talent your desire this time and attention means you did it correctly, you did it long enough, and that by the time you open your eyes, already ter the unseen, big wheels have begun turning.

Message From the Universe: Live, Love and Laugh! Three Ingredients to Success

Fresh swings of articles spil thesis messages of the Universe are here to help people go through their challenging days and find solace te finding their happiness. If you are looking to find reasons spil to why things happens the way they do, why are you dealing with predicaments, why life is unfair, you should read thesis articles.

Message From the Universe: Visualizing Your Future!

OK so, here you are ter , and wondering how can you commence this Fresh Year ter the right way. Looking to lose a few pounds? How about kicking off to write that book you never had the chance to start since its conception, 6 years ago.

Message From the Universe: What Happens After Your Desires Come True?

How about using a little bit of your imagination te regards to this question. Do you feel the chills yet? Do you sense the greatness behind making your fantasies come true? What is going on ter your mind at that point?

Message From the Universe: Just Take That Step Forward and See What Happens

Set goals, waterput activity into it and see what happens. No one can indeed predict the future strafgevangenis can ensure that with hard work, everything will go after. You are working towards your own goals, which are not the same spil anyone else’s. So concentrate on what you want to do and leave behind about what others are doing.

Message From the Universe: Where Being Successful Is Just Another Way of Life

This is the true way of living a successful life. Look at the ones who did succeed, who did surmount tall mountains but never talent up on their fantasies. They shoved and shoved spil far spil they could and just look where they are at this ogenblik.

Message From the Universe: When Your Thoughts Becomes a Reality

Think of it enough time and you will see excellent switches. Work towards it every day and you will reach your ultimate happiness. Feeling accomplished is what drives human to perfection.

Message From the Universe: The Feeling of Already Having It

Without the feeling of success being around the corner, it is like running on a treadmill without a timer. It is endless and you will never arrive at destination. You need to train your mind to feel the success coming and hitting you like a ton of bricks. Concentrate on feeling, and the surplus will toebijten surely. It may be hard at time to feel it, but it is imperative that you concentrate on mastering the feeling of success.

Message From the Universe: It Is Time to Say Something

Tell it to yourself everyday, repeat the positive thoughts you create and always give yourself credit for everything you have accomplished te your life. Never underestimate your potential spil you are capable te accomplishing a lotsbestemming more. Life is at your fingertips, so take advantage of it.

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