A Glossary of Movie Games Terminology with Movies and Explanations

Games are the future. В Already they have done a superb overeenkomst to form the way wij speak, learn, and work with other people.

I love the fact that gamer terminology has made its way into the mainstream. Along with more normal online lingo, I hear more terms such spil “noob” and “pwned” being used ter meatspace than everzwijn before.

Are you up to date on your games terminology? If not, have a look at the glossary below, and also have a look at some of the movies below (some are very basic introductions, other suggest more advanced terminology).

Spel Genres & Types

To begin, let’s very first look at the terms used to describe the most prevalent spel genres and types.

Activity games – involve overcoming obstacles via timing, quick reflexes, and dexterity, thesis include fighting games, labyrinth games, pinball games, and podium games

Action-adventure games – combine act with strategy and include stealth games and survival horror games

Venture games – games te which a player progresses by solving various puzzles and interacting with his or hier surrounding environment

Augmented reality games – employ the use of augmented reality, hence spel elements are layered on top of real-life scenes spil displayed through a gaming or mobile device with a camera

Casual gamesВ – games that can be played ter brief increments (commonly played on mobile phones or te web browsers spil a brief pauze)

Console games – games played on a dedicated videogame console, such spil an Xbox or Playstation

PC games – games played on a private laptop

Pervasive Games – games that take place across several media, also known sometimes spil transmedia or alternate reality games

Role playing games – RPGs – games te which gamers choose and play through characters with defined and unique skill sets (characters typically progress by accumulating practice points)

MMORPGs – RPGs that are played out ter online worlds ter which many different players can interact at merienda

Music games – games such spil Rock Plakband and Guitar Hero that involve challenges to go after musical rhythms and patterns

Party games – games designed to be played by a larger group of friends that typically consist of puny challenges and mini-games

Puzzle games – require players to solve various puzzles or navigate mazes

Serious games – games that have a serious purpose (such spil learning a fresh task or solving a verdadero problem) spil their underlying purpose

Shooter games – games ter which the primary concentrate involves the use of projectile weapons

Simulations – games that replicate aspects of existente or fictional reality (including the development of restaurants, theme parks, and entire civilizations spil well spil raising pets, dating, and the vormgeving of peoples’ entire lives)

Sports games – games simulating various real-world sports

Strategy games – games that are won via careful programma and strategizing (including wargames and digital versions of real-world strategy games such spil chess)

Trivia games – games that test players’ skill of various subjects

Voertuig simulation games – games which revolve around the operation of various vehicles, ranging from cars to trains and spaceships

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