You can also use this application to conference call with two or more people using the Skype.

How to Use Skype?

Skype is a free pc software application with text talk, voice talk and movie talk functionality. Ter order to use Skype online, you need to download the application and register a free account.

Essentially, you can use this useful online communication implement to live talk using instant text messaging with other Skype users, you can talk to other users using a headset, you can use it to make phone calls to land-lines and cell phones. Spil well spil movie talk with them, if you have a webcam. You can also use this application to conference call with two or more people using the Skype.

Another cool feature of Skype is that you can screen share, that is, share your screen with others like you would during an online presentation. Skype Communication wasgoed founded te the year 2003 and wasgoed acquired by Microsoft Corporation te May 2011.

I’ve used Skype for several years and have seen major improvements ter quality spil well spil fresh features that have bot added overheen the years. On this web pagina, I will walk you through some key features, provide instructions on how to download free Skype, set up your account, display you how to this communication device and more.

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Skype Features

Overview of Skype Features

Key Skype Features Explained

Ter the introduction section above, I shortly highlighted some of the Skype features, now let’s review some of the key features that this movie application offers ter a little more detail:

Skype Instant Messaging: permits you to instant talk online with your friends and family by typing text messages to each other. It works similar to other IM talks like MSN Messenger, Yahoo and Google Talk. When instant text talking, you can also use emoticons, share documents and pictures.

Skype Voice Talk: if you don’t like typing text messages, you can talk to your online contacts using a PC headset or a Skype headset with the Skype-to-Skype calling feature. It’s like talking overheen the phone, except you don’t pay long-distance charges.

Skype Movie Talk: takes it to yet another level ter communication. If you and your contacts have a webcam on your laptop or desktop, you can movie talk face-to-face using this free movie calling feature. Please note that for movie talk, you will need a broadband internet connection.

Skype Conference Calls: permits two or more people to text talk, talk and movie talk all at the same time. This is especially superb if a group of people want to have a conference call. The conference calling feature permits a maximum of 25 participants plus the host to participate on the call.

Skype Screen Sharing: is a powerful feature because it permits participants to share their screen live to the other participants on the call. You can only share your screen with only one person, that is, screen sharing doesn’t work when you’re using the conference call or a group movie call.

The above features are suggested free by Skype, however, there are several other features are available for a subscription toverfee like long distance calling, voice mail, call forwarding, SMS and others. See the movie below explaining thesis features.

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