What’s Yours?

Now This Could Be Awkward!

Is this you? You have commenced to date a lady and it is going well. You share similar interests, have lots of laughs together, you find hier attractive, and can even see a potential for a actual relationship, albeit it is far too soon to know that for sure. But then something awkward happens…Valentine’s Day, Christmas or hier bday is just around the corner, and you have no idea what, if anything, you should give hier.

A Bounty Can Send A Message. What’s Yours?

This has happened to most people and it can be a tricky situation to treat. What you are aiming for here is comprobación. You want hier to know you like hier, you want something a little individual, but you don’t want to give hier the impression that you are madly te love and ready to embark shopping for a house with the white picket fence. What you indeed don’t want is to scare hier away by being too cold and impersonal or by being too overheen the top. Thoughtful moderation is the key here.

Don’t Make Thesis Mistakes!

The largest mistake you can make, other than overlooking the occasion all together and providing hier nothing, is to spend too much money. This could make you look like you are attempting to hard, demonstrating off or have feelings that indeed toevluchthaven’t had time to develop yet. And don’t just wander around the stores until some trinket catches your eye. Take the time to think about hier, hier likes and dislikes, hier taste and hier lifestyle, spil little spil you may know about thesis things yet. Here are a few ideas for you.

Share a Bottle of Wine


Does she have a favourite author? If you’re not sure and you get a chance, do a bit of sleuthing next time you are at hier house and take a peek at hier book shelf. Does she have three or four books by the same author or on the same subject? That should make it effortless for you. If that doesn’t give you any ideas you could buy hier the book based on one of hier favourite movies. Spil a bit of a romantic twist you could buy yourself a copy too and the two of you could read it together and have your own little book club.

Wine or Spirits

Have the two of you collective a nice bottle of wine overheen dinner on one of your dates? You could buy hier a bottle and package it up with two nice wine glasses, and the two of you could share it together. Or wasgoed it Margarita’s? Buy all the fixings, the glasses and love!

Event Tickets

Tickets for two to a sporting event, muziekstuk or play she may have mentioned would likely be appreciated. Throw ter a nice dinner or refrigerio before and if it is hier bday arrange with the staff at the restaurant verrassing hier with a lovely desert with a candle ter it. Brownie points for you!

The Classic. Flowers!

You can’t go wrong with flowers, passГ© spil they might be, women love to get flowers from their man (or potential future man). If you know hier favourite flower have them included te the rangschikking, if not, include hier favourite color or better yet hier style. Does she choose a minimalist, modern aesthetic or is she more a shabby net lady. Again, look around hier huis or the way she dresses spil this can give you clues. If you can have hier flowers delivered to hier work place, all the better spil she will get to demonstrate them off to hier fellow employees. If you determine to go with roses, avoid crimson roses spil this is a traditional declaration of love. Pink or yellow are better choices spil they symbolise affection and warmth rather than intense romantic love.

Bounty Baskets

Bounty baskets can be excellent and there are lots of pre-made ones out there, but those can be pretty generic. A more thoughtful and therefore more appreciated option would be to buy a basket and choose the contents yourself. Tuck te a package of hier favourite coffee, a duo of mugs that would suit hier (hint…specialty kitchen stores have a wonderful multiplicity of mugs) tea, cookies and treats. Tie a bow on the treat you have got a lovely and thoughtful presentation.

Stuffy. for a Youthfull woman

If you and your lady friend are youthfull (under say, twenty one) an maravilloso stuffy holding a welcoming card or opbergruimte of hier favourite candy would be sweet, but avoid this with more mature women spil it may be a little too cutesy.

Personalized Gifts

Other thoughtful options are personalized gifts that you can order online at many retailers. Zazzle.com has hundreds of bounty items from t-shirts and mugs to necklaces and throw cushions and they can all be totally customized. You don’t have to be a designer spil they walk you through the process and make it very effortless. Does she have a favourite telling, tagline, joke or photo? Is there something she collective on facebook or is there an inwards joke inbetween the two of you that would look good on a statement steekmug? The pricing of thesis items are reasonable, however you have to project ahead to permit for shipping time.

Another excellent place to find personalized gifts is Etsy.com. This webpagina has lots of artists and crafters who would be glad to personalize an voorwerp for you.

Saluting Cards

Cards can be very difficult to find for a brand fresh romance. They may seem to be excessively sentimental, or rather brash and rude. A ordinary fix for this is to buy a wit card and write your own message. A elementary “I am liking getting to know you. Have a wonderful birthday” and signing your name would be fine.

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