Granted that good views is a relative thing, and I realize all the advice has to be &quot,taken with a grain of salt&quot,, but still, what else is there?

I’ve bot online for almost Four years, Two 1/Two of which have bot spent writing for HP. There are a few thoughts I would like to share with my fellow writers that I feel might be helpful to them.

While the community is shrinking are the overall pageviews shrinking ter proportion? Perhaps some people left because they were not able to pass QAP or attract readers.

What you said makes a lotsbestemming of sense, te fact, you could have written a Hub on this subject! I do agree with what you said. I truly need to take the time to go back and refresh my old Hubs, rather than just have them sit there and not &quot,grow&quot.

So many excellent points I don’t know where to start.

I wasgoed sure that I read that HP didn’t want poetry or fiction when I signed up. Wasgoed that switched at some point, or am I just confused with some other publisher?

I have never read that they don’t WANT it, it just doesn’t do well online.

Yes, better to stick to posting recipes, RV jiber-jabber and articles about one’s toenails.

I guess if you indeed want to promote your poems you should look at other traffic sources than Google.

Wow, if they don’t want poetry or brief fiction, what am I doing here? I have bot writing it almost exclusively (just a few articles thrown ter periodically) and every hub is featured (overheen 130). Poetry may not pay well or everzwijn win Hub of the Day, but it is popular with other hubbers and has a place.

Poetry and brief fiction is welcome. I think the idea that &quot,HubPages doesn’t want poetry&quot, began when there wasgoed a big Challenge, the 100 Hubs te 30 Days Challenge, and all the creative writers got their knickers te a vlecht about people writing &quot,commercial drivel&quot, (which, frankly, the 100-Hub writers did!). Unluckily the stoush expanded to become a creative vs commercial fight which encompassed ALL Hubbers who wrote for money vs those who wrote &quot,for their kunst&quot,, and a number of creative writers left te high dudgeon, for reasons which I never fully understood.

Jodah, if you look on the landing pagina of HubPages you will see that they mention streek and poetry with pride. Also, most hubbers truly appreciate good poetry like yours.

Very insightful observations. I loved reading your postbode, and many of the comments spil well.

Thank you for the kleintje words! I know the switching landscape of online writing can get indeed frustrating, but wij indeed do care deeply about our writers, and wij’re always doing our best to make HubPages a excellent place to publish.

I have to respectfully disagree with your very first point about not writing about subjects you don’t know. Finta a few of my hubs have bee the result of research I did on a topic with which I wasgoed unacquainted. For example, I recently embarked growing vegetables and desired to know how to overeenkomst with the pests I found ter my garden. That research has led to an entire series of hubs on garden pests that have bot well received. They are among my most popular hubs precisely because vegetable gardeners are looking for solutions to their pest problems.

I don’t think this is what TT is talking about. You weren’t allegado with growing vegetables but you learned from practice how to overeenkomst with pests, and you collective that skill te your Hub series.

How is that te any way different reading about gardening, and then writing about any differnt than what he wasgoed criticizing? TT is just denigrating transformative work that is the result of extensive scholarly reading, rather than sage life practice, to justify what he writes about his toenails, because it’s ‘what he knows.’

My best article is based on hours of research, and I loved every minute. It is the best I have done, and is a money maker.When I waterput everything together, I had a unique article, not just one you would see every day. Many writers are at sites where they voorwaarde research to get job assignments. I understand that it is superb to write what you know, but the other side is to expand your skill. I guess I believe that it is a individual choice. The list is super, and I commend TT and others for ideas. Thanks.

Brake12: I know there are many here who research and write good articles on subjects they previously knew little or nothing about, and I commend them, and you spil well.

You are right TT, and that does slow mij down. When I wrote that one article, I felt like I wasgoed writing a thesis. I know it is time consuming, and if I go after your ideas, I may get swifter and make more money. That would be nice lol.

You have began a wonderful discussion. Your tips are very fine and helpful. Can you find the reason for why the community is shrinking day by day. Is it because of less traffic or earnings. I hope someone will reaction this query spil well. Anyhow thanks a lotsbestemming for beginning a healthy debate here. I will take care of your points and do my level best to improve more and more. Hope surplus of the members too will take serious note of thesis helpful tips and tricks.

At one point Hubpages had some earnestly bad writers on here. They didn’t have a clue how to write zindelijk English. There were others that wrote hubs te minutes that didn’t have any positivo content. Merienda they were weeded out, the number of writers declined, but the hubs were better.

Barbara, I totally agree. The quality of writing here is very good, if not excellent. Most of the fresh hubs I read are packed with information and go well overheen the recommended word count of 1,250. They have beautiful pictures and quick-reference tables. Good writers will make their way back here and the writer count will erect again.

I liked your article. Some interesting points. I know that I will not be able to support myself through HubPages or other blog pages like it. I believe that I have to write fiction, private essays, and articles through magazines, and articles through newspapers. I still don’t make a living at writing, but I’m blessed.

I sell some of my books at mental health and writing conferences te Iowa.

The point I’m making is the more income rivulets wij have spil writers the more successful wij are going to become.

A loterijlot of fine points here, but I especially want to address the third.

If I do not take advice from other writers on this webpagina, who am I going to ask for help? Granted that good views is a relative thing, and I realize all the advice has to be &quot,taken with a grain of salt&quot,, but still, what else is there? I think wij can still learn more here than anywhere else, even if the community is shrinking.

Dr. Mark 1961: I did not say to &quot,not&quot, take advice, I meant to be careful about taking advice. If you have bot around for awhile, you get to know who the successful writers are, not because of their views but because when they give advice, they truly know what they are talking about.

Yes, I know what you mean about embellishment, since almost every day I see a fresh profile and the person states that he is an &quot,SEO accomplished&quot.

I agree. I’ve received a loterijlot of help and good advice here.

Good postbode, but I vereiste respectfully disagree with your 2nd and fifth points.

Well the old adage goes: &quot,You get what you pay for.&quot, With what HP pays, they get aren’t going to get my best. Mind you I don’t just postbode every old thing I didn’t get published elsewhere, just a handful of titles that I liked well enough despite a few unreceptive editors. I’d also consider posting pet projects about subjects which I find personally interesting, but I know don’t have broad reader appeal.

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