Where to go on Very first date

Hi friends. Give mij some Ideas on where should wij go on 1st date. I have bot on many but never founded any place spil volmaakt. So, did you founded a ideal place?

Just a suggestion. Do not go to a club, folder, or restaurant. The person you are dating is less likely to be dispelled by others. I made the mistake of doing that a duo times, and my date ended up dancing and having joy with everyone but mij, and ended up leaving with someone else. Go someplace more public, like to a movie or a vertoning. Everyone is there to see the vertoning, and are not there to succesnummer on your date. Make toegevoegd time to talk to them before and after the voorstelling, but not too long, some people do not like waiting, especially on a very first date.

Well I have attempted Opera, but my gf hated it. Till then I only choose Drankbuffet & Restaurant. But, thx for the suggestion. I will make sure that I dance with hier & make hier feel special.

Wij went to Hell on our very first date. but the road to there wasgoed well paved with good intentions, so it’s all good. lmaoritf.

Well hell is a good choice, but that’s a place to go with your wifey, not Gf.

Mickey D’s. If she tolerates that she indeed wants to be with you. At least until that evening – people do switch their minds.

I’ve bot on a duo of dates with a chick who I’m growing to like more and more. Wij live about fifty miles speciaal, so wij’ll meet up halfway and spend the day walking around a town, plus having a bite to eat ter a quiet pub or cafe. My advice is to do something similar, or take your date to a place like a theme park or a zoo, where you can both have joy. Don’t take them to see a movie, because you can’t possibly get to know them ter an environment where you both have to be quiet.

Rightly said for the movie option. A pub would be the best option where wij both can love most.

When I suggested a movie, I also suggested making time to talk to that person before, and after the movie, and then offerande the after movie side date, where you can talk more. The movie is just less stress on the date, to prepare them for part two.

I agree with JKenny: (a) never to a movie, (b) somewhere nice to walk around and talk, followed by a bite to eat ter a cafe preferably sounds superb.

an outdoor cafe – safe, ter the open, and outer things can spark conversation when there are awkward quiet moments

Cafe is a vivo good option. Noted.

Go for a walk te the park, or beach. I love dates that budge from place to place toneel to toneel like a movie

Well beach is the best place I can think of. But, not many have beaches ter their town, including mij.So I think, park is a better option.

A folder is an effortless place to go. Just not somewhere that’s truly busy, or not straightaway at least, you want somewhere that is quiet so you can talk overheen a drink. The stud who took a date to a drankbuffet who ended up having joy with everyone but him and leaving with someone else.. Well I think that some manning up should have bot done there. You should be the most joy person ter the brochure so she doesn’t want to be with anyone else. I can’t imagine how abasing that vereiste’ve bot..

Sorry to rubbish the same boy’s ideas, but don’t go to a movie. Terrible idea. You’re just sitting te muffle for a duo of hrs.

More advice is don’t go for something to eat on a very first date. It puts too much pressure on spil you are sitting opposite each other without any physical voeling and have to talk solidly to someone you don’t truly know for an hour or more. Even for someone who is very outgoing and sociable, sitting down to dinner is not ideal te my opinion, of course you could have a good time, but why not be more informal? Going for a drink at a buffet or two is a lotsbestemming lighter, plus you can lightly budge from drankbuffet to brochure and get physical without any issues, sitting opposite each other overheen a dinner table is much more formal and you can’t touch. I’m not telling too much touching is a good idea, but a bit of light physical voeling is undoubtedly what you want when on a date and will permit you to gauge how it’s going. If she recoils from your touch, get the hell out of there!

Save the zoo etc for 2nd date.

That’s my advice and it’s good advice I promise!

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