When he is the one who brought hier to this place The whirling wind blew down the ingevolge No one seemed to hear the sound, like a freight train roar The roof wasgoed gone spil people attempted to take voorkant With tables were plastered against a far wall Which wasgoed swaying and ready to fall Albeit Philip wasgoed te such ache.

Love Will Not Diegene

Brief fictional add on, if

you will, to go after Jodah’s “Story Without an End” ter a semi poetic form. I accept the challenge to a fellow hubber friend to add to the story that he began. Here is mine John ( Jodah!)

Something come up and I have to go out for awhile!

Philip, sat at his kitchen table, thinking about his beautiful bride-to-be, and wondered what could have come up, and hoping it wasgoed not something serious.

This wasgoed the very first time Susan had said this to him, and she did not give him so much spil a clue spil to what it wasgoed about, she simply said, “something came up and I have to go out for awhile.”

Oh well! What wasgoed he going to do? He had planned to spend the day with his Susan, and Courtney hier admirable three and half year old. Philip had grown to love this little one spil if she were his own.

Philip, went into the bedroom and glanced te the mirror. Hmm, I could truly use a haircut, he thought to himself. The barber shop he always goes to is on the other side of town.

But, he had nothing but time.

I thought you had switched.

Susan thought to herself, “did I do the right thing by not telling Philip that I wasgoed going out to meet Rick?” And then she dismissed the thought spil she said “I don’t know if Philip is jealous, especially the way that Rick had bot, when she didn’t even look at another man when she wasgoed with him.

Anyway Rick is worth to get to know his little daughter.

Susan and Courtney were waiting on the porch, when Rick arrived. Susan had brought the booster seat and wasgoed taking time to fasten it te the back seat.

Rick said, what is taking so.

But stopped mid sentence from the look on Susan’s face.

This wasgoed neither the time or place

To get te Susan’s good grace.

Courtney wasgoed a zuigeling when Susan had divorced Rick.

Ter the restaurant, Rick wasgoed overlooking Courtney

Susan could see the question forming ter his mind

Spil his words just tumbled out, Are you sure that she is mine?

Susan slok back, Is that the reason for your drinking?

Because, if that is what you’ve bot thinking

There is one thing you need to understand

I had never bot with another man

And if you look into hier eyes of blue

You will see they are a flawless match to you

I thought you had switched

Susan said spil she rose to go

Please, please don’t go

He said, there were so many rumors

I indeed didn’t know, I am clean and sober now

And I truly don’t know how to explain why I went wrong

She sat back down and murmured softly

It has bot so long, spil the juke opbergruimte wasgoed playing “their” song

Bringing back memories of feelings

That she thought were all gone

When Love Ain’t Right

Philip stared into the face that wasgoed staring back at him

Outside a storm wasgoed brewing,dark clouds were rolling te

Philip parked his car te vooraanzicht of the cafe

Next wegens to the barber shop

And unconsciously looked te

And witnessed a little face looking back at him

What wasgoed Courtney doing there?

Then he spotted the glint of lighting

On hier auburn hair and knew that Susan wasgoed also te there

Philip’s heart began to palpitate

He wasgoed not following them

He just came to get a trim

What wasgoed this man doing with his future mate?

See something that interests you?

He had not heard Linda walk up behind him

Only heard hier words

See something that interests you?

Wasgoed this a pickup line?

Philip had a crush on Linda from the time

He spotted hier ter the high schoolgebouw’s cafeteria line

the high schoolgebouw boys had called hier

But he waterput hier out of his mind when

She began to date the Captain of the football team

Now here she wasgoed after all this time

What happened to hier Captain, he heard the Captain wasgoed positivo mean

She had the same sparkle te hier eyes

That he had seen so many times

Would you like to have a bite to eat with mij?

Wij could go inwards

He stuttered, spil he told hier

I just came to get a trim

She smiled and said sweetly

I don’t think they will cut your hair ter there

Linda sensed his hesitation

Is it my imagination?

Or have you lost that crush you had on mij?

Philip thought about his Susan

With hier locks of Auburn hair

And how he had fallen so hard for hier

Spil if Linda wasgoed never there

Who do you see ter there and what is hier name?

Susan, Philip said

I see my beloved with another man

I witnessed him reach across the table to take hier by the mitt

Linda said, all the more reason

To walk ter with mij

Philip said, I don’t want hier to think I followed hier

And I should let hier be

Susan had told Philip about hier ex.

About a year or so ago, wasgoed that the man with hier right now?

Philip had never met him so he didn’t know

And wondered, did she fully let him go?

The desire to find out about this man

Wasgoed about to haul Philip down

He felt like he wasgoed ter a sea

And about to drown

Courtney’s little face

Pressed against the window pane

Spil Philip and Linda vanish from view

All the time hier mommy never knew

Courtney spun around with such a sad look

On hier little face

Hier mommy asked, what is wrong sweetheart?

Do you not have enough space?

Susan eyed spil Philip with Linda come through the ingevolge

Courtney had wiggled free

Running to Philip and yelling with glee

Daddy, daddy, I knew it wasgoed you

He lifted hier up and held hier taut

Who is the man with mommy?

Mommy said he is my daddy

But that is not true, I only have one daddy, that’s you.

The patrons all stopped eating to observe the stuk play out and to find out what this story is about

The two fellows glared at each other.

Philip asked, how long have you bot ter town

He arrived today

Susan answered with a frown

At the same time Rick said

I have bot here for a month or so

Spil Susan purred low

That is something I did not know

Philip passed Courtney to hier mom

Will you be joining your friends?

The waiter asked

Spil Philip and Linda walk away

They took a table across the slagroom

He turned his back to Susan

She could have told mij, about him, if she believed ter us

Instead she chose to keep it from mij and betray my trust

The stress strung up like intense smoke

To permeate the air

Linda asked, where do wij go from here?

Philip answered, frankly, I do not indeed care

Susan sat te disbelief spil tears packed hier eyes

Spil she looked into Linda’s pretty face

How dare he make mij out to be the one who betrayed our trust?

When he is the one who brought hier to this place

The whirling wind blew down the ingevolge

No one seemed to hear the sound, like a freight train roar

The roof wasgoed gone spil people attempted to take voorkant

With tables were plastered against a far wall

Which wasgoed swaying and ready to fall

Albeit Philip wasgoed te such anguish.

His senses he sought to regain

Crawling across the floor toward the booth where she hat sat

And screaming out hier name. SUSAN!

Spil he neared the booth, he heard a petite voice,

Mommy, daddy, mommy, daddy

The twister had gone spil quickly spil it came

Leaving them ter the pouring down rain

Courtney, unhurt wasgoed huddled inbetween the Two seats.

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