The Kingsmouth Code – The Secret World Investigation Mission Guide

This guide covers the main investigation mission “The Kingsmouth Code” te the mmorpg The Secret World, providing details on how to finish the various tiers and objectives. Te the Kingsmouth code you are tasked with discovering more about the ancient symbols the Illuminati use around the city.

Quest Giver: Henry Hawthorne

(281, 475), Inwards Church.


  • Tier 1

Go after the Illuminati Symbols

Find the location referenced te the Pic.

  • Tier Three
  • Find the next hidden location.

  • Tier Four
  • Collect the Eye, Pyramid and Phoenix artifact.

    Spil an epicenter of early Illuminati history ter the Fresh World, Kingsmouth is still total of signs and symbols. Understanding their hidden message could unearth ancient secrets left by the Illuminati fathers.

    *Due to the nature of the Investigation missions ter Secret World, this guide attempts to walk through the hints that lead up to the presente solutions. A series of *** will separate areas where solutions which could spoil the puzzle solving are coming up.

    Briefing Cinematic

    Tier 1

    Go after Illuminati Symbols

    The very first step is to check your journal, spil you are provided with a hint pic to get you embarked. You’ll find that the picture is of one of the manhole covers seen just outside the church. Also, the picture shows the manhole voorkant right way up, which permits you to use the manhole voorkant spil an arrow, pointing you te the right direction.

    Head outside the church and find the very first manhole voorkant, pointing you down Main St, where you’ll find another every few seconds, continuing down the road till you reach the interesection with Belmont Avenue. Here you’ll see the manhole voorkant point left to the next one which then points right, taking you down to the end of the eastern pier.

    Keep following the covers until around the end of the pier, you’ll find the last voorkant pointing to some cardboard opbergruimte piles, which if you search around, you’ll find an Illuminati plaque which you should inspect to get your next clue.

    Examine The Plaque

    Pretty plain, since you’re given this right spil you reach the plaque itself. Just right click to see the next pic you’ll be taking clues from, discussed further below.

    Tier Two

    Find the location referenced ter the message.

    So there are actually a few different items that are referenced te the message.

    Ter the seat of power 1 , the navigator immortalized Two

    Illuminating the path Three

    To the sleeping priest and fletcher Four

    Te the very first part of the hint, reference 1, you get the clue spil to the next location where you are tasked with going to. You are to travel to what could be considered the seat of power within the city.

    This seat of power ter this city, and truly any petite town, is the Town Vestíbulo, the seat of government te the area. This is where you’ll need to head to next, which can be lightly seen on the opbergmap, midway up Main St.

    When you inject the very first slagroom of the town recibidor, the lounge like area, you’ll notice a number of paintings strung up up on the walls, all of which can be investigated. Avoid randomly clicking on portraits, spil the wrong one here can send you on an unnecessary detour. The picture you are looking for here is referenced te #Two.

    “Ter the seat of power, the navigator immortalized”

    Since wij are now, inwards the seat of power, the next part of the hint reading the navigator immortalized hints at which picture to check, since any person place or thing te a painting is ter a sense, immortalized. Navigator should clue you ter to the content of your picture spil well. If you need another clue, it would also be helpful to look at the Three symbols on the plaque you probed earlier, and look for any of the symbols represented te the paintings,

    The painting you are looking for is to the right of the ingevolge which leads to the 2nd level, of the man ter a blue clothing, holding a feathered schrijfstift with navigator instruments on his desk.

    When you inspect this picture you are given a 2nd set of clues.

    Time is the province of Kings and Gods. The arms of time 1 point to truths written by kings Two ter the words of Schepper Three . The path is open to the enlightened.

    Before you leave the Town Recibidor, or scroll further, think about the hint ter reference 1, “The forearms of time” and see if you notice anything odd.

    Tier Three

    Find the Next Hidden Location

    Did you notice how the clocks around the Town Antesala (arms of time) are all set to the time Ten:Ten? This is an significant clue to half of this next objective. Keep a mental note of this spil it will come up again vivo soon.

    Now it’s time to look at the clues for where the next destination is. If you look at the innovador set of clues you got from the plaque you can embark cracking things down. You were ter the Town Recibidor or seat of power ter the city, where you found the immortalized picture of the navigator, who helped illuminate the path with the next set of hints, To the sleeping priest and fletcher.

    This last part of the clue, italicized, still hasn’t bot waterput to use yet, so think about what that could be referencing. Particularly, the very first half, the sleeping priest.

    What this hint is telling you, is to go where the priest sleeps, or his house rather, which is actually right next to the church. If you take a look at the sign outside his house, you can find an Illuminati Eye on the houtvezelplaat, providing another clue spil to the special nature of the building. If you search around the rear entrance of the house, you’ll find a secure keypad fastened to a cellar entrance.

    Some more sleuthing is needed to figure out the code, using the remaining kattig of the hints collected so far. Using the fact that the clocks are pointed at Ten:Ten and hopping back to earlier when, “The arms of time, point to truths written by kings te the words of heerser. The path is opened to the enlightened.”

    Presently the path is closed to us, and wij vereiste enlighten ourselves to the response to open said path. This combined with “words of aker” tells you you need to look up some details about religion to uncover more informatie.

    The palms of time, or the clocks, pointed to Ten:Ten, right? Which are also the right numbers to be a estar of the bible, but there are many versions. The last hint comes from “written by kings” spil Kings is one of the books of the bible. If you do a google search on Kings Ten:Ten you can find this pagina.

    Check out the very first translation, the Fresh International one, and you” find a number hidden within the text, 120. This is the code you need to come in te to the keypad.

    Tier Four

    Use the Pc

    Now that you’re te the cellar of the priest’s house, you have to use the rekentuig ter the far end of the slagroom. If you open it up, you’ll find you need to inject ter a password. You have the option of receiving a hint, which comes out spil, Spil the famous Solomon Priest merienda said “Light conquers all.”

    Think about the part te quotes and consider what language the Illuminati like to write their messages ter.

    The Illuminati like to use latin ter their puzzles a lotsbestemming.

    If you translate the phrase “Light conquers all” into Latin, you’ll find it becomes Lux Omnia Vincit, the same message that wasgoed on the manholes earlier. Inject this ter spil the password to acccess the pc, then select Access Secure Artifacts.

    Tier Five

    Collect the Eye, Pryamid & Phoenix Artifact

    Technically Trio different objectives, combined into one here since they are all indeed elementary, just requiring you grab each of the three artifacts that are exposed by the secret onderbrak that glided away from the wall to the right of the laptop.

    No more problem solving here, just grab the items to accomplish the mission.

    Dust to Dust – Mission Prizes:

    107,530 Practice – Very first time only

    26,883 Practice – When repeated

    +134,400 Practice from Tier Completions (Five x 26,880) – Very first time only

    +33,600 Practice from Tier Completions (Five x 6,720) – When repeated

    Four Sequins of Solomon Island

    6,670 Pax Romana

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