Sexist, Suggestive and Politically Incorrect Vintage Valentines From Days Gone By

Nothing Like a Valentine Threat

Who knew that back te the day, valentines were so utter of veiled sexual innuendo and oddly violent entreaties? I had no idea until recently that it wasgoed commonplace to send valentines featuring guns ter the 1930s, or that black-face valentines were considered lovely?

Today, it’s kleintje of the other way around. Valentines can very explicit and truly funny when it comes to hook-up, but the overt racism, sexism and violence have bot considerably toned down. Not sure what that says about society, but the valentines don’t lie. They are total of bad puns and foolish jokes,not to mention racism, sexism and some downright odd fetishes.

Back then, people traveled less, had no email or online dating services or talk rooms, and were fortunate if they got to finish high schoolgebouw let alone go to collegium. People entered the workforce earlier and often took on adult responsibility by the age of Legitimate, Finding a mate or just a romance wasgoed more difficult. There were limitary rules and a limited pool of potential vrouwen and Valentines reflected the social conditions of the time.

While “Bohemians” ter Greenwich Village were indulging te what wasgoed referred to spil ” free love” at the turn of the 20th century, for ordinary folks out of wedlock hook-up wasgoed a scandal. Women were expected to marry youthfull and well, and guys were expected to provide for their wives and families and whatever anybody did on the side wasgoed fine spil along spil they kept it quiet. An unmarried man with no prospects certainly did not get the female. The idea of a duo living together without being married, let alone having casual sexual encounters, wasgoed unthinkable — ditto same lovemaking relationships. Women were ter the kitchen and gays were te the plee. Minorities, particularly African Americans, were treated spil figures of ridicule and nobody turned a hair at what today would be considered very offensive. Times were very different. Spil thesis vintage valentines vertoning, the good old days were not always so good for everybody. .

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