I appreciate hier advice, and I knew if she did not approve of this I would not do it.

If you are asking this yourself this question you may not be ready for this level of commitment. Providing someone a house key can be particularly risky if their name is not on the lease or the mortgage, or if there is not a signed reglamentario agreement. I am not attempting to sound all suspicious here, but te this day te age you can never be too careful. Also, why would you want to give him a key if his name is not on the lease? Personally both of you should be responsible for paying the rent if he is staying overheen that much, and this could lead to problems down the line. Another thing to consider is what would your mom think about your providing a key to a beau? I know that might sound corny, but I am one of those infrequent individuals that has an ubber close relationship with my mom, and she is my best friend indeed. I appreciate hier advice, and I knew if she did not approve of this I would not do it. I am not telling you have to listen to your mother, but you indeed should consider hier advice, or your family’s advice, too!

Also, some women may ask themselves about providing their beau a key because that makes it pretty actual that they are have premarital hookup. I personally think organized religion has waterput a little too many hang-ups on this one, but if your faith calls for abstinence before marriage a key may make it all too verdadero that the beau is staying overheen. Perhaps you are afraid family and close friends may find out if he has a key, which means he will have the freedom to come and go at times you are not huis.

However, primarily most women may be asking themselves if they can give him a key because of the trust número. How do you know he will not do something nefarious, such spil switch the locks on you, or steal your laptop when you are at work! Personally I would not give a man a key unless he can have the financial and admitido responsibility of putting his name on the lease. Only then can he have a key because he will be legally obligated to pay rent.В You may not feel this way now, but if the dude is at your house 24/7 you might want him to contribute a little.

Another significant factor to consider te providing out a key is whether you already have a roomie or not. Your current roomy may object to your beau having a key, or even putting his name on the lease. If you do have a roomy have some decency to consider their thoughts on this matter, and being willing to stir if they do not want you to give out a key, or for the bf to stir te. What you do ter your own huis is your business, but if you share a house you have to consider the wishes of others.

One parting thought, think long and hard before providing him a key. He should bring up signing a lease together on a fresh apartment if he indeed wants to get that close.

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