Big thanks for RussianCupid for helping mij find YULIA so fortunate.

actual stories!

Members who have found love on RussianCupid

How grateful I am for the chance your webstek talent mij to meet my sweetie. Thank you! Not going to be wordy, so here it goes. Thanks to this place I found this wonderful, irreplaceable, incomparable, killer fellow on the photo next to mij, and wij’ve bot travelling the world together for the past year! It’s bot a superb rail and wij still got soo many places to be! But very first, I’m gonna waterput a stadionring on that finger and rechtsvordering him spil my own (am I cheesy read more &gt,&gt, or what?), before wij klapper the road again. Glad hunting, everyone! I wish you get spil fortunate spil I have at finding your soulmate. &lt,&lt, collapse

Thank you very much for the webpagina. I am from South Africa and thought I would attempt your webpagina more out of rente, thinking that nothing would everzwijn come out of it. However to my utter astonishment I have found the most wondeful woman that I could everzwijn imagine. I determined to go and visit hier ter Russia and everything wasgoed AMAZING beyond my greatest desires. She has even determined to stir to SA and hopefully soon I can call this amazing woman my wifey. Thank read more &gt,&gt, you very much. Kindest regards David &lt,&lt, collapse

finaly i found my true Love. Big thanks for RussianCupid for helping mij find YULIA so fortunate. I wish everybody found his True Love Spil same spil i found .. Wij marriade now & have kind.. BEST REGARDS.. RAMI

Thank you from both of us for bringing us together. Wij are ‘Soul-Mates’ according to astrology, and found each other on your webpagina! For mij (Joseph), it wasgoed love at very first look. For hier (Tania), it took a little more time. woman ?? Ter the end, wij had a wonderful time ter Goa, India, and looking to get married spil soon spil possible. My profile, fesoj11. Fresh York, NY, Bday 13 May. (I have deleted it) Hier profile trandylka Your ‘birthdate’ parameter, read more &gt,&gt, which is unique and not displayed by many sites, wasgoed the key negociador contributing to our success. Also, your format wasgoed very elementary to go after, and effortless to navigate / voeling. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and wish you love & happiness always! Blessed Valentines! Tania & Joe &lt,&lt, collapse

I wish you all find love just spil wij found it!

I found this wonderful Ukraine lady ter August . Engaged ter October ter and soon to marry te the states around October

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