Vengeance is a dish best served cold.

Peg worked different jobs putting herself through collegium spil a licensed cosmetologist, former flight attendant and petite business holder.

Can you reminisce the worst date you everzwijn had? For mij, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one man or one date. After cracking off a long-term relationship with a musician who had his share of bad habits, I spent a few crazy years attempting to find Mr. Right. My mental list of attributes or requirements included finding a boy with the right amount of uitstraling, charm, manners and he actually had to like mij just the way I wasgoed.The surplus wasgoed negotiable.

I moved back to a town where I had merienda lived years earlier. One of my old friends wasgoed working at a hair salon and introduced mij to the manager who told mij the salon wasgoed hiring. It seemed like a good place to work and I wasgoed able to embark right away.

Coworkers and Duties

Working spil receptionist I had lots of opportunities to meet people. One fellow I met seemed pretty habitual, you know, ter comparison to some of the people who worked there. His hair wasgoed a natural color and he seemed to like women. This automatically made him a contender.

Near the salon wasgoed a popular night club where the stylists met and strung up out after work. With live discotheek music seven nights a week, it wasgoed a fine place for dancing and having joy. After the salon closed, I usually dropped off the night deposit at a canap next to the lounge and then joined my coworkers there.

Gomer Pyle

Verrassing, verrassing, verrassing. “

Brunch at the Lake

Wayne and I collective a table with several others from the salon. After a few dances, wij got to talking and he seemed like a nice boy. By the end of the night, he’d invited mij to his house for brunch the next day and promised to display mij around the beautiful lake where he lived. One thing he failed to mention wasgoed that he lived ter a naturist colony.

My very first clue wasgoed at the entrance gate to the property where the stud manning the crossing gate wasgoed wearing nothing more than a hat. He wasgoed no youngster and not ter the best physical form with a hairy paunch of a belly. It wasn’t the most pleasant visual attraction, let mij confide. Spil I grew more jumpy, my date assured mij I wasn’t required to take off my clothes. For that I wasgoed truly grateful.

While my date cooked eggs and bacon ter his lovely mobile huis, I heard the roar of a lawn mower and I ventured a quick peek out of the window. The stud mowing the lawn wasgoed wearing tennis footwear to protect his feet, but nothing else. My thoughts strayed to the danger of dangling appendages and flying objects.

Fairly frankly, I couldn’t wait for that date to be overheen after spending the entire morning wishing that I had driven my own car. That wasgoed our very first and only date.

Toevluchthaven te the Forest

Dinner and a Movie

Up until that point my worst date wasgoed te high schoolgebouw when my parents introduced mij to the neighbor, a boy more than twenty years older than mij. He asked their permission to ask mij out on a date. The big verrassing wasgoed that they encouraged and permitted mij to go out with this boy.

Wij went to see the movie, “Chitty Chitty Verschrikt Verschrikt” after a nice dinner at a seafood restaurant. That wasgoed when I very first discovered my allergy to scallops. On the rail huis ter his ’65 GTO, my belly embarked to churn and I began to feel nauseated. I wasgoed too embarrassed to ask him to zekering, so I flipped down the window and threw my cookies out of a moving car. You can imagine the results. And, no, wij never went out again.

Pulp Fiction Dance Toneel

The Running Man

There wasgoed one dinner date that I’ll never leave behind which involved a brute who didn’t take no for an reaction when he determined to serve mij dessert. Actually, there were several like that but none that I’ll describe here. Thesis were valuable learning practices during which I determined that a Karate class might be useful.

There wasgoed one fellow who jogged overheen to my house to pick mij up for our date. He arrived out of breath and sweaty insisting that I could drive us to the movie theater te my car. Still ter my teenagers, I wasgoed foolish enough to agree. Wij observed the movie, “Wild ter the Streets”, a cult flick where anyone overheen the age of thirty wasgoed not to be trusted. That wasgoed our very first and last date spil well, but not because of the movie. He only wished to date mij to make another damsel jealous.

Oh, the itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout.

Texaco Man

After my ex closed our business and moved away to another life with another wifey, I began dating one of our former employees with whom I’d become friends. Having married spil a tiener, this wasgoed one of my very first ventures into the dating world ter five years. The man wasgoed, let’s say, several years junior than mij, utter of life and vigor. His ash-blonde hair and blue-eyes were matched with the sweetest smile I’d seen ter a long time.

Our third date wasgoed one Friday after wij both got off work. He arrived at my house When I asked why he wasgoed wearing a greasy T-shirt with the Texaco logo he let mij know he’d bot too busy chugging a dozen beers to switch clothes.

Sensing his state of intoxication, I drove us to the fancy and expensive restaurant where I had commenced a fresh job. My date’s thriving voice and erratic behavior te gevelbreedte of my coworkers and my boss wasgoed indeed embarrassing.

It wasgoed the end of the line for that dude, too.


Deceptions and Jocks

There were a series of other less than adequate would-be playmates overheen the years. One contender for the worst date everzwijn wasgoed a man who took mij on a date to the Twenty-four Hours of Sebring wedren ter Florida. I recall it spil the twenty-four days of Sebring.

Following a four hour drive to the event, wij found a campsite with a group of his friends and there wij camped for three day event of time trials and wedstrijd car prep before the wedren began. The only bathroom wasgoed a port-a-potty, a stinking plastic opbergruimte with a waiting line that seemed miles long.

When the wedren ultimately ended, wij began the journey towards what I envisioned spil a refreshing and much needed shower. Instead, my date drove us directly to a soccer field where he joined his team mates spil their captain. Evidently there wasn’t time to take mij huis very first or he would miss running around for ninety minutes with other sweaty guys. You would think I had enough of him, but no, I talent it a while longer. It wasn’t long before I discovered that he never filed for divorce spil he told mij. Confundir, rebujar, well, you know about the pants on fire. That wasgoed the straw for him.

&quot,I have had enough of YOU!&quot,

The Other Woman

There wasgoed a time when vengeance seemed the best choice for one man. That wasgoed when I found out he wasgoed dating another woman and telling us both he broke up with the other one. With hier help wij pulled a swift one on him.

One Friday night when wij were scheduled for a date, I invited his other gf to come to my house. She arrived well before he wasgoed supposed to get there and hid ter the back bedroom until just the right ogenblik. When he commenced ter with a string of lies, she made a grand entry into the living slagroom and wij confronted him together. You should have seen the fireworks. Yes, it wasgoed joy, spil well spil a bit sad. That wasn’t the end of him, unluckily.

Vengeance is a dish best served cold.

What I learned te nine years of being single wasgoed to stay oplettend for any sign of trouble. Sometimes the most seemingly guiltless circumstances leave us pasivo to the psychopath or the hands-on masher. Prep and diligence is key. And carry a canister of pepper dump for good measure. You never know.

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